18 Ekim 2009

Eylül & Ekim 2009



01 - Finlandiya - Groovector - 2003 - Enigmatic Elements - Remember


Tam ismi gibi bir grup süper bir fusion grubu ...NuFusion ? evet böyle etiketlemek doğru galiba ...

02 - Estonya - Uus Generatsioon - 1977 - 1979 - The recordings - Pühendus Bolinile




Rein Laaneorg-gitar
Kolno Lucht-bas
Peeter Vahi-klavye
Mikk Targo-davul
Peeter Oronen-keman


Bu harika grup beat grubu olarak 60ların sonlarında başlamış sonraları kendi seslerini ve renklerini bulmuş, kendine ait bir karakteri olan iyi bir progressive grubu. Bu harika nadir parçayı hazine avcısı arkadaşım Seçkin'e ve kazılarda bulduklarını bizden esirgemediği sitesine borçluyuz.


03 - Gürcistan - Temur Kvitelashvili - 2002 - I'm From Georgia - Tbiliso



Süper bir Gürcü gitarist bir zamanlar Alexei Kozlov'un Arsenl'inde de çalmış. Allan Holdsworth'ten onaylı bir virtüoz

04 - Romanya - Vama Veche - 1999 - Vama Veche - hai sa emigram

Romen pop-rock grubu.


05 - Yunanistan - Lüüp - 2008 - Distress Signal Code - Urban Legend

Yunan elektronik müzisyen, flütçü Stelios Romaliadis'in projesi. Van Der Graaf Generator saksofoncusu David Jackson'da projeye dhil olmuş. Aslında multi-kulti bir grup denilebilir, İsveçten'de Lisa Isaksson'u da unutmadan.


06 - Zimbabve - The Green Arrows - 1975 - Towering Inferno

Zimbamve'nin bir rock geleneği varsa o da The Green Arrows denilebilir. Manatsa kardeşlerin kurduğu bir grup. 70lerin ortasında grup o kadar popülermiş ki Zexie Manatsa evliliğini bir stadyumda yapmış ve binlerce kişiye kutlama konseri vermişler.


07 - Endonezya - Nerv - 2005 - Ragam - 1965

6 kişilik yeni dönem bir progressive rock grubu. Keman baş solo enstrüman denilebilir.



Ole !!!!  İspanyol gruplar ...


01 - Lone Star - 1976 - Siguenos - L'amor Se'n Va

02 - Lone Star - 1976 - Siguenos - Mi Nueva Gente

Neredeyse yarım asırlık bir blues rock kurumu !!

Tam benim havalar !!!

Ben çevirmeye üşendim ne yzıkki ama okumak için siz üşenmeyin derim.

In 1959, Pedro Gené, musician of Conservatory, decide to go away to England where and Roll will live the appearance on the Rock. After a year of stay in that country it returns to Spain with the idea to form a group of Rock. It looks for between his old companions of study and is born the first formation: Rafael of the Fertile valley - low, Enrique Lopez - battery, Enric Fuster - piano and Pedro Gené - voice and guitar. Pedro, very influenced by the Blues sureño, puts to the group the name to him of LONE STAR. It is possible to be pronounced without concerted efforts, it is not necessary to say "", and on the other hand it is the Indian name of the doll that will be the mascot of the group the first years. The first performances begin. The skittles still do not exist and what there is is the work to newspaper in nightclubs and boites. One night, acting in the Texas of the Real Seat of Barcelona a Dutch of name Willy Nab. Sube the scene with his guitar approaches to them and touches a pair of subjects with the group. Willy will be the fifth component of LONE STAR. EMI, (then the Voice of its Amo) is interested in the group and the first disc is recorded. A EP, of which it emphasizes "My Babe", the first Rock in English engraving in Spain. We are in 1962. LONE STAR continues recording EP's but like quartet already since Enric Fuster leaves the group. It appears the sixth EP and LONE STAR gives the first campanada one: "the House of the Rising Sun", is I soon number 1 in Venezuela and in the rest of South America. Later it will be it in Spain, which causes an encounter LONE STAR - THE ANIMALS in a centric hotel of Barcelona. In this disc Juan It watched replaces Willy Nab that leaves the group. From the first disc one had reached an agreement with EMI: LONE STAR would record versions, that is what wanted the company, on condition that the group could choose the subjects, made its own adaptation, letter and adjustments. And "Understanding" arrived, another success of sales of the group. We are in 1965. It is then when the second battle gains. One reaches a new agreement with EMI: LONE STAR will record their first album, but half versions and half own songs. It is here where Alex enters Sanchez the group replacing Joan Watched. The LP is titled "Anthology of a Set". Of this disc they emphasize "the endless legend" and "River". The formation is now: Pedro Gené, Alex Sanchez, Rafael of Vega and Enrique Lopez. Year 1966. This disc was crucial because the creativity of the group began to gain whole numbers and EMI understood that it had to leave LONE STAR recorded his own subjects. Parallelly to the performances of Rock the group unfolds itself in a formation of Jazz. Juan Watched again replaces Alex Sanchez in the guitar. There are two concerts of Jazz that will mark a landmark in history since then there was no group of stable Jazz in the country. The first concert will be in "San Carlos Club" of Barcelona and the second, yet the sold paper three days before, in the "Beatriz Theater" of Madrid. The concert will consist of Jazz in the first part and second of Rock with own subjects and support of orchestra. The Main directorate of Popular Culture includes LONE STAR in Festivales of Spain. They will cross the country repeating the same concert of the "Beatriz". In 1968 the group records "Lone Star in Jazz". They emphasize "Misty", and "cant dels ocells". The EP's already has been back, have been put in a corner by singles. That same year the group records single with which it will be his more emblematic song: "My Street". Another one single of great success is "Lyla", along with "My Street", both sold subjects more of LONE STAR. Pedro Gené is designated by the TVE to go to the Festival of KNOKKE like representative of music Rock of our country. There next to other professionals, it obtains the glass of Europe for Spain. Single "the Trilodge", obtains the prize of the SGAE like better subject the year. We are in 1969. Enrique Lopez leaves the group and enters the battery Luis Masdeu. LONE STAR makes a Tour by Central Europe, Zurich, Munich, Geneva, etc. From the concerts of these cities the LP "Spring 70" arises, all engraving in direct and English. In the year 1972 LONE STAR record single in which both subjects work to as better: "Small Tapeworm" and "My Sweet Marlene". Rafael of the Fertile valley leaves the group and enters Sebastián Sospedra the low one. He will follow another LP: "the way Is long", of which they emphasize, "Fire Bird" and "Nathalie". And the sold album arrives more from the group: "Ahead live Rock", engraving in direct of a single taking in a study of Barcelona. That year LONE STAR gives to a surprising concert in the aircraft carrier JOHN FRITGERALD KENNEDY. Luis Masdeu leaves the group and enters the Tapi battery. But the most important recital in the race of the group occurs in the Palau of the Music of Barcelona. The direction of the Palau has been reticent that no group of Rock or not even no type of music that is not classic sounds in the room. LONE STAR breaks that mold and gives an anthological recital with Jazz, Classic Music and Rock. This recital agrees with the appearance of single "Poor fisherman". This disc already appears with seal DIRESA after the group breaks with EMI, that aside from publishing discs affluent not much has done, since the important events always have been initiative of the group. We are in 1974 and with DIRESA times are lived on great promotion. LONE STAR receives several prizes that credit to him like the best national group. But affair DIRESA finishes bad. The manager of the company turns out to be a gangster one that flees with the money. LONE STAR remains without company and receiving royalties. Juan Watched leaves the group definitively and enters Alex again Sanchez. In the year 1975 LONE STAR file by DIPLO RECORD, an independent seal. Tapi, and Sebastián Sospedra leaves the group. They are replaced by Luis Masdeu again, and Sour Ricardo. The Way appears single "" and a new LP is recorded: "Síguenos", of which the black ewe will emphasize another great success "". Year 1976. In 1977 LONE STAR it signs by PHONIC, and record the LP "Horizon", of which they emphasize the subjects "will not be" and "Horizon". LONE STAR and the Erics Burdon reunite to 120,000 people the straight line of Montjuich in Barcelona. It is a memorable concert organized by the PSUC in "the Festa of the Treball". Year 1982. The world of electronic music begins to beat with force and the Rock is relegated to a second I finish. The great disc companies centralize in Madrid, and in single Barcelona they are left some independent seals with little force. Ricardo Acedo and Luís Masdeu leave LONE STAR. Alex Sanchez and Pedro Gené remains single. They are difficult times. In honor to the truth it is necessary to say that if today LONE STAR still is in active-duty, it is thanks to them. In the year 1982 LONE STAR file by AUVI. For this seal they record "Old Wolf", probably the best disc of LONE STAR, the best engraving and the one of better production. The formation of this disc is Pedro Gené - voice, Alex Sanchez guitar, Sebastián low Sospedra-, and Geronimo- battery. They emphasize the subjects "In year 62", "I believe in You" and "Children of the Rock and Roll". 25 years of fight, highway, and sometimes of survival have been marked. A deserved rest prevails. In the year 1996 LONE STAR resurge again. It records a video paper clip with "Ahead" in a new version and with the following formation: Pedro Gené, Alex Sanchez, Geronimo, and a new bear: Jaume Creek. With I title of "Towards the future", they record for AZ RECORD new versions of its successes and remezclan "Old Wolf again". In the festival of the "GREC" of Barcelona of the same year LONE STAR it gives a concert that counts on the collaboration of great and important friends who will interpret subjects of the group. Manolo Garci'a, (the last one of the row), sings "Understanding", Teddy Baptist "I believe in you", Loquillo "My street", Carlos Segarra, (Rebellious), "My Sweet Marlene" and Rosendo takes part with its guitar in "Ahead". Meanwhile EMI taking advantage of the occasion, on sale removes in format CD all the discs LONE STAR, altogether 14. Also the material of independent seals appears a triple CD of RAMALAMA-MUSIC yet. Later LONE STAR closes with a shining performance the "Mercat de Alive Mu'sica of Vic". At the present time LONE STAR it follows crossing the peninsula with his music in active-duty.

03 - Storm - 1974 - Storm - Crazy Machine

04 - Storm - 1974 - Storm - Un Amor Llamado Fernandez de Cordoba

Luis Genil (keys and vocals),

Ángel Ruiz (guitar and vocals),

Diego Ruiz (drums and vocals),

José Torres (bas and vocals).

Sevilla'lı hard rock grubu ... Elhamra tarzı kükreyen Hammond !!, Yanık vokaller ...ciyak ciyak gitar ...yeter de artar bile ...


05 - Triana - El Patio - 1975 - Abre La Puerta

06 - Triana - 1975 - El Patio - En El Lago

Triana'yı anlatmaya başlamayacağım bile sadece ve sadece en sevdiğim İspanyol grup desem yeterli. Jesús de la Rosa ve Tele'nin toprağı bol olsun. Onlar da güneş ülkesinden Endülüsten ...

Jesús de la Rosa (keys and voice)

Juan José "Tele" Palacios (drums),

Eduardo Rodríguez (spanish guitar)

With the aid live of Luis Manglis (electric guitar).



07 - Leño - 1979 - Leño - Castigo

Leño Madrid'li bir hard rock grubu. Gitarist, vokalist besteci Rosendo Mercado Ruiz'in sürüklediği bir grup. Ruiz daha sonra Ñu grubunu kurdu ve halen albümlerini yayınlamaya devam eden faal bir müzisyen.





Herkese merhaba,
Bu hafta son dönemde adını sık sık duymaya başladığımız Alman Jazz-rock ( ne derece doğru tartışılır ) grubu Panzerballett'in çıkardığı 3 albümden seçmeler ve Kıbrıslı harika gitarist Okan Ersan'ın ilk albümünü malesef dört sene gecikmeli dinleyeceğiz.  
Panzerballett türleri harmanlayan ve bunu sert tonlarda icra eden 6 yetenekli müzisyenden oluşuyor ( 2 gitar , 2 saks, bas ve davul ) grubun kurucusu ve tüm parçaların bestecisi gitarist Jan Zehrfeld.  Son albümlerinin isminden anlaşılabileceği gibi  ( Hart Gnossen Von Abba Bis Zappa ) müzikal etkilenimleri hayli geniş. metal gitar riffleri funky bass ve davul groove ve caz doğaçlamaları ile bezeli biraz sert tonlu ve hayli kontrastları olan bir tarzları var.

Programın ikinci konuğu Kıbrıslı gitarist Okan Ersan Panzerballett'in bu programda çalacağım son albümü "Hart Gnossen Von Abba Bis Zappa" da Okan Ersan bir bestesi ve o bestede gitar icrası ile konuk. 2005 te yayınlanan "To whom it may concern" isimli albümünde ülkemizin en tanınmış müzisyenleri yeralıyor. Volkan Öktem, Eylem Pelit, Levent Altındağ, Şenova Ülker, Serdar Barçın ve Serkan Özyılmaz. Okan Ersan Al Di Meola, Billy Paul gibi tanınmış müzisyenler ile turnelere çıkmış Leversursener Caz festivalinde sahne almış, Okan Ersan ayrıca Yamaha Avrupa bölümü ile gitar kliniklerine katılıyor. Önümüzdeki hafta ikinci albümünün kayıtları için İstanbulda olacakmış.



Keyifli dinlemeler.


01 - Panzerballet - 2005 - Panzerballet - Iron Maiden Voyage
02 - Panzerballet - 2005 - Panzerballet - Zickenterror
03 - Panzerballett - 2008 - Starke Stucke - Birdland ( Nguyen Le ile )
04 - Panzerballett - 2008 - Starke Stucke - Zickenterror ( Vokalde Conny Kreitmeier )
05 - Panzerballett - 2009 - Hart Genossen Von Abba Bis Zappa - Jadoo ( Klaus Doldinger ile )
06 - Panzerballett - 2009 - Hart Genossen Von Abba Bis Zappa - Mediterranean Breeze ( Okan Ersan ile )
07 - Okan Ersan - 2005 - To whom it may concern - To whom it may concern
08 - Okan Ersan - 2005 - To whom it may concern - Jam session with destiny



01 - İtalya - Fonderia - 2009 - Jim Jeannie - Eternal caravan of reincarnation

Müzik, şiir, emprovize resim -müzik performansları, sessiz filmlere yapılan müzikler. Fonderia sanatın bir çok kolu ile haşır neşir müzisyenlerden kurulu modern bir jazz-rock grubu. Müzikleri yumuşak ve rahatlatıcı fakat kesinlikle easy-listening değil !!.

Grubun gitaristi Emanuele Bultrini bu parçayı Carlos Santana'ya saygı olarak yaptıklarını yazarak e-posta ile gönderdi. Bu da bir Terra Incognita Exclusive denilebilir !!. Daha önce Tevere isimli parçalarını çalmıştım. Takip ettiğim ve çok beğendiğim bir grup.


Emanuele Bultrini: guitar
Federico Nespola: drums
Luca Pietropaoli: trumpet
Stefano Vicarelli: keys
Claudio Mosconi: bass

02 - Danimarka - Midnight Sun - 1971 - Midnight Sun - Living On The Hill

Süper bir jazz-rock grubu ilk isimleri Rainbow Band olan grup 70lerin ilk yarısında 4 albüm çıkarmış, Grup elemanları daha sonra bireysel olarak daha çok eşlikçi olarak bir çok müzisyen ile beraber çalışmaya başlamış.

Seçtiğim parça yaklaşık 17 dakikalık gitar - davul soloları ile bezeli coşkun bir jazz-rock. Gitar tonu o döneme özgü ve harikulade...

İlk albümleri Midnight Sun'ın kapağı ünlü Roger Dean'den ...


Gitarist Peer Frost daha önce de yine Danimarka rock tarihinde önemli gruplar olan Young Flowers ve Savage Rose 'ın da kurucularından. Resme bakınca hemen Cream etkisini görebilirsiniz. Eric Clapton'un o dönemdeki afro saçlı hali gibi Peer'in saçları.



Rainbow Band, studio album (1970)
Midnight Sun, studio album (1971)
Walking Circles, studio album (1972)
Midnight Dream, studio album (1974)

Lars Bisgaard - Vocals
Allan Mortensen - Vocals
Peer Frost - Guitars
Niels Brønsted - Piano
Bent Hesselmann - Sax, Flute
Bo Stief - Bass
Carsten Smedegaard - Drums
Frank Lauridsen - Vocals
Tom Heath - Bass

03 - Finlandiya - Tasavallan Presidentti - 1972 - Lambertland - Dance

Finlandiya'nın jazz-rock başkanları :) Tasavallan Presidentti Fince devlet başkanı anlamına geliyor. Grubun gitaristi Finlandiyanın gelmiş geçmiş en ünlü , dünyanın sayılı gitaristlerinden Jukka Tolonen.  Şu sıralar şanssız günler geçiriyor. Grubun bir çok kişiye ve bana göre de en iyi albümü Lambertland'den The Dance i seçtim. Ama Toutube'da pek bir malzeme yok grupla ilgili.

1. sınıf Jazz-rock.  Grubun ve Jukka Tolonen'in maenajeri arkadaşım Deniz Bedretdin. Grubu Kazan Gruppası Bedredtin'i daha önce çalmıştım.


İşte Deniz Bedretdin özel programı.



04 - Yunanistan - Will O The Wisp - 2007 - A Gift For Your Dreams - Nature Boy

Daha önce de çaldığım Yunan gruptan güçlü bir beste ve icra ..

Takis Barbagalas / electric & accoustic guitar
- Angelos Gerakitis / vocals
- Costas Pagonas / bass
- Kostas Kostopoulos / drums
- Amalia Kountouri / flute
- Vagelis Stefanopoulos / piano, organ
- Tasos Papastamou / violin
- Markela Dounezaki / vocals


05 - Japonya - Carmen Maki & Oz - 1978 - Live - Watashi Wa Kaze

Japonların 70lerdeki güçlü kadın rock vokali Carmen Maki'den canlı ve emprovizasyonlarla süslü bir parça sene 1978.

Carmen Maki

Kawakami Shigeyuki

Kawasaki Masafumi

Kasuga Hirofumi

Takeda Osamu


Carmen Maki bir çok ünlü grupla çalıştı, Blues Creation, Oz, Salamandre gibi.


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