21 Şubat 2009

Chilean Jazz-Rock Special , Chile …País De Poetas …



01 - Mar De Robles - 2007 - Indígena - Rancagua Nocturno
02 - Mar De Robles - 2007 - Indígena - Chileneos
03 - Mar De Robles - 2007 - Indígena - Mar De Robles


Mar De Robles is one of my favorite bands from 2000s. They have very clever arrangements and powerful interplay . They released 2 albums. Indigena is better than their debut. At least better and more mature compositions it has. Last october they celebrated their 10th anniversary with a special concert.

Discography :

Mar de Robles    2003  
Indígena    2007 

Julio Tobar / vocals, tenor saxophone, traverse flute
Rodrigo Moris / guitars
Cristián Larrondo / fretless bass, Chapman Stick
Jesús Parada / drums, percussion ( Victor Munoz on first album )
Ignacio Larrondo / congas, djembé, percussion




04 - La Desooorden - 2007 - Ciudad de Papel - Fumarolas del Alma
05 - La Desooorden - 2007 - Ciudad de Papel - Homínidos (Historia de Seres Nerviosos)
06 - La Desooorden - 2007 - Ciudad de Papel - Los Trabajadores


Another unique band from Chile !! , Exellent combination of modern & authentic instruments and melting on beautiful musical shapes …

You have to listen this great ensemble …. I am also wondering their colorful stage performances. Their live shows seems very attractive. Please check their pictures from My space.

•ALFONSO BANDA: Guitarra / Guitar
•KARSTEN CONTRERAS: Voz y percusión / Vocals and percussion
•RODRIGO GONZALEZ: Batería y percusión / Drums and percussion



LA DESOOORDEN was born in the city of Valdivia in the winter of 1994. At the ends of 1999, after numerous shows in cities like Concepción, Viña del Mar, Valparaiso, Pucón, Talca, Curicó, Teno, Ancud and Valdivia, La Desooorden had modifications in their original members, but leaving a musical production totally independent call "El Mounstruo de 7 cabezas", published year 2001. This independent recording consists of 12 musical compositions that are the faithful reflection of the period 1994 - 2000.
In August of 2001, La Desooorden retakes their musical course, dedicating completely to the composition and adjustments of new songs. From the necessity arises there to record a new disc, project that begins to materialize in August of 2002, this second independent production, titled "Ensayo" have 14 original tracks, recorded and mixed in RAF studies in Santiago city. It’s important to emphasize that in this new musical period, La Desooorden presented their work in different cities in Chile, such as Santiago, Concepción, Temuco, Puerto Montt, Chiloé and Valdivia; sharing the stage with important bands as Congreso and Los Jaivas, in addition to the inauguration of one of the stage of the musical event “Rock al sur del mundo” in the city of Concepción.
In 2004, the band is adjudged one Fondart (cultural project of the Chilean Government) to publish and promote the third disc called "La Isla de los Muertos". This recording speaks some issues of the Chilean history. The story has place between 1903 and 1906 in lands yielded to the Operating Company of Baker, finalizing with the death of 200 people between men, women and children, and their later burial in a cemetery.
In 2005 La Desooorden adjudges a new project to promote "La Isla de los Muertos" in different localities from the IX and X region (La Union, Los Lagos, San Jose of the Mariquina, Lanco, Panguipulli, Carahue and Nueva Imperial). La Desooorden participates in Cultural Carnivals 2005 of Valparaiso organized by the National Council of the Culture, appearing in the Seat Sotomayor representing to the X Region.
This year the band receives the prize for advanced artist 2004-2005 (X Region) for its production “La Isla de los Muertos”.
In 2006 La Desooorden gains one of the Projects of the Ministry of Outer Relations of the government of Chile to make a tour by Argentina, that contemplates the participation of the band in the 32 version of the National Celebration of the Lúpulo in the locality of El Bolsón. In addition it offers a concert in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche and San Martín of the Andes. In 2007 La Desooorden adjudges a Conarte project of the Municipal Cultural Corporation of Valdivia, to multicopy 1,000 units of the DVD “La Isla de los Muertos”. This DVD mixes images of the launching of this disc in the Lord Cochrane Theater of Valdivia with images of the austral zone of Tortel in a visit realized by the members of the band to the place where the issues happened.
At the moment the band is making promotion of its last recording "Ciudad de Papel", that approaches all the present elements in the environmental conflict due the installation of the plant of Cellulose in Valdivia and its repercussion in the Nature Sanctuary.

Discography ;

Monstruo De 7 Cabezas    2001   
Ensayo                            2003  
La Isla de los Muertos      2005  
Ciudad de Papel               2007 

07 - Abrete Gandul - 2000 - Bichos Dichos - Hay que Volver a los Chinos
08 - Abrete Gandul - 2000 - Bichos Dichos - Alarmadilla
09 - Abrete Gandul - 2005 - Cuentos Para Dormir -  N Se Metan Con El Capit Problema


Abrete Gandul was formed in 1999 by  guitarist Mauricio Dell , a.k.a. Dr. Octava. First line up was a trio, guitar, bass, drums. then Rodrigo Maccioni added to them as acoustic guitar and flute player.

"¿ Bichos = Dichos? is their debut album released in 2000.

Interesting thing is band leader left the group  but other people wanted to continue with same name. 2nd album released without Doctor Octava and Rodrigo Garcia. I like also their second album’s sound too.

2000 Bichos Dichos

- Doctor Octava / Guitar, Guitar-synth, bass & vocals
- Antonio Arceu / Drums & fingers
- Rodrigo Maccioni / Flute, electroacustic guitar
- Rodrigo García / Bass & vocals
- Pablo García / Fretless bass (tracks 1, 2 & 4)



- Antonio Arceu / Drums
- Jaime Acuña / Keyboards
- Pedro Santander / Bass
- Rodrigo Maccioni / Electric & electroacustic guitars & flute
- Rodrigo Pinto / Electric & electroacustic guitars, midi & effects.


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