9 Nisan 2009

Vlatko Stefanovski Special


A thunder from Skopje , Macedonia !!


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Mr Stefanovski is my favorite guitarist. When I first listen his 1998 solo album “ Vlatko Stefanovski Trio ” I get amazed from his melodic and fluid solos and great power trio sound. And powerful Balkan tunes surely !! also his early legendary band Leb i Sol. What was a great band !!!

My roots are also belongs to Gevgelija Macedonia. My mother’s roots, My grandmother and grandfather came from Gevgelija, Mayadağ in second Balkan war. Because of that. I always love Balkan people. Magnetism like that !!

In Terra Incognita’s first programme I played his Igra bez granici from same album. since then, I am sending my playlists weekly to Mr Stefanovski. So We were in contact via e-mail.

One and half month ago he informed me, “I’m coming to Istanbul with Kudsi Erguner Ensemble” It was great chance to meet with him.  So We met with him also another nice guy and brilliant musician Martin Gjakonovski ( Michael Sagmeister’s upright bass player )

We talked about music, daily things, politics , life …Me and Vlatko drank beers Michael preferred coke :))


With Vlatko Stefanovski 03.03.09

And Concert !!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Conductor Kudsi Erguner and very unique combination of east and west styles ……… Vlatko described that simple and best …. Bridge they constructed a strong bridge with their instruments and musical notes…

Line up was incredible combination !!!!

Kudsi Erguner : Ney

Vlatko Stefanovski : Electric Guitar

Derya Türkan : Kemençe

Hakan Güngör : Kanun

Martin Gjakonovski : Upright bass

Mark Nauseef : Drums

Bruno Caillat : Percussions

Yunus Balcıoğlu : Vocal

Halil Necipoğlu : Vocal

Anyway, Let’s return to my dedicated programme to Vlatko Stefanovski. I tried to chronological playlist from Leb I Sol Era to his last album “ A Thunder from the sky “ with hammond wizard Damir Imeri and Focus fame Jan Akkerman ….

Here is the playlist;

01 Leb i Sol - 1978 - Leb i Sol - Damar
02 Leb i Sol - 1978 - Leb i Sol II - Aber Donke
03 Leb i Sol - 1979 - Rucni Rad - Hogar
04 Leb i Sol - 1980 - Beskonacno - Skakavac
05 Leb i Sol - 1982 - Akusticna Trauma - Kokoska
06 Leb i Sol - 1989 - Kao Kakao - Mamurni ljudi

07 Vlatko Stefanovski - 1998 - Vlatko Stefanovski Trio - Kalajdzisko oro

08 Vlatko Stefanovski - 1999 - Journey to the sun - Main theme

09 Balkan Horses Band - 2003 - Contact (Part One) - Gypsy Song

10 Leb i Sol - 2006 - Live In Macedonia - Raspukala Sar Planina

11 Vlatko Stefanovski Trio feat. Jan Akkerman & Damir Imeri - 2008 - Thunder From the Blue Sky – Country


8 Nisan 2009

08.03.09 Playlist Terra Incognita 106



01 - Endonezya - Gugun And The Bluesbug - 2007 - Turn It On - Enam Tiga Puluh


F@%kin’ great blues rock from Indonesia !! Gugun’s style like oil in the pan !! hot ! ,dancin’ , and tasty !! ( What a define !!  ) and also very tight rhythm section …

His tone is very good !!

This band is a very good reason for going to Indonesia !!


Indonesian band mates:


Hamid Alatas(Keyboard)

The U.K connection band mates:

Jon Armstrong(Bass),

Tom Townsend(Drums),

Al Laurence(Harp)

Turn it on session album recorded with:



Danny Gambiro(keyboard)


02 - Japonya - Pryme Tyme - 2002 - Pryme Tyme - Power Of Stones


Kazuo Shimizu - guitars
Tetsuya Ochiai - electric violin
Eiichi Ishikawa - drums
Tishiaki Otsubo - keyboards
Toshimi Nagai - bass

03 - Çekoslovakya - Collegium Musicum - 1976 - Na II. programe sna - Na druhom programe sna


Legendary Slovak Art-Rock band from seventies. Many people consider them with ELP ( easy to describe huh ? :))  ) But surely different music style they has. Marian Varga was their leader. Great keyboard player.  Check his website …

In this song another musicians you can here on guitar … Radim Hladik from Modry Efekt !! and Vocal and guitar Pavel Hammel from Prudy ....



Pavol Hammel - acoustic guitar, vocal
Marián Varga - organ, piano, synthesizer
Radim Hladík - guitars
Ivan Belák - bass guitar
Dušan Hájek - drums
Pavol Kozma - drums
Peter Szapu - drums
Fedor Letňan - Fender piano, vocal
Tomáš Rédey - electric guitar
Juraj Lehotský - trumpet
Revival Jazz Band
String quartet of J. Bilik
Chorus Vivat

04 - Yeni Zellanda - Dragon - 1975 - Scented Gardens For The Blind  - Scented gardens for the blind


Original Line-Up:
    Todd Hunter (Bass / Vocals)
    Graeme Collins (Piano / Vocals)
    Neil Reynolds (Drums)
    Ray Goodwin (Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals)




05 - Beyaz Rusya - 7th Ocean - The Mysterious Race Of Strange Entities - The Visit


Alexander Eletsky – vocals; guitars; keyboards; programming

Sergey Starosotsky – vocals; bass; percussion

Alexander Sofiks – drums; keyboards


06 - Macaristan - Janos Varga Project - 2003 - Wings of Revelation  II – Freedom



70’s progressive rock band East’s leader Janos Varga’s project with East drummer István Király.

This is second part of his project.

look his lookalike :) Hungarian Billy Gibbons “ZZ TOP” !! :)

István Király - drums
Janos Varga - guitar, keyboards, bass
Peter Hary - bass, chapman stick
Szabolcs Nagy - keyboards

07 - İsviçre - Kedama - 1976 - Live At Sunrise Studios - Honey Moon


Christian Linder / guitars, keyboards 
Richard Rothenberger / keyboards 
Peter Suter / drums, percussion

LP Black Rills-CH (1976)
This is a reissue of the 1976 album of the same title adding five previously unreleased bonus tracks recorded in studio in 1977 and 2 more bonus tracks "Perspectives" recorded in 1973.

08 - Polonya - SBB - 2009 - Iron Curtain - Blogoslawione dni


Greatest Polish Band Ever !!!!

They are continue releasing records … Josef and Apostolis with new hungarian drummer Gabor Nemeth ( Ex-Dinamit )

Józef Skrzek / Bass, piano, organ, micro moog, mini moog
Apostolis Anthymos / guitars
Gabor Nemeth / Drums, percussion

Józef Skrzek: “The pressure of the modern world is the reason for human oblivion. We are the generation that destroyed the myth of Europe’s ‘iron curtain’.  The new sound of SBB is like a mirror of the lives of the barriers’ breakers...” The title of the forthcoming album can be interpreted in many different ways. Józef Skrzek is convinced that the iron curtain still exists, not only as a border between the East and the West, the poor and the rich, but also in the media, which promote so called artists, who are actually far from the real artists who genuinely live their art.


7 Nisan 2009

Playlist 01.03.09 Terra Incognita 105


Terra Incognita da América do Sul continua com bandas rock moderno....

Terra Incognita América del Sur continúa con la bandas de rock moderno ….



Arjantin - La Cofradía De La Flor Solar - 2006 - Kundabuffer - Loco Corazon

Kubero Díaz (gtr, vocals)
Morcy Requena (bass, vocals)
Manija Paz (drums)
Also: Hugo García
Néstor Paul
Quique Gornatti
Skay Beilinson
Jorge Pinchevsky
Miguel Cantilo
Jorge Durietz
Mono Cohen
Tzocneth Lezcano
Isa Portugheis
Fernando Huici


1971 La Cofradía de la Flor Solar
1997 El café de los ciegos
1998 Kofrádica
2007 Kundabuffer

Bolivia - Octavia - 2007 - Master Plan – Resplandecer



Omar González : Voz
Simón Luj�n: Guitarra
Vladimir Pérez: Bajo
Gimmer Illanes: Instrumentos Nativos
Martín Fox: Batería


Ricardo Sasaki: Teclados
Tyson Meade: Coros
Steven Stark: Chelo

Ficha Técnica

Producido por Tyson Meade y Octavia
Productor Ejecutivo: Cesar Morales, Flagstone Records, Inc
Grabado y Mezclado por Kevin Lively en West 2nd Studios, Oklahoma, Ok, USA
Fernando Torrico en Estudio Digital,� Va, USA
Bernarda Villagómez en Pro Audio SRL, La Paz,� Bolivia
Simón Luján en Aikostudios, La Paz, Bolivia
Masterizado por Andrés Martínez en Elektra Estudios, La Paz, Bolivia
Resplandecer fue Masterizado por Fernando Torrico en Estudio Digital Va, USA.
La Noche (Club Mix) y Eternidad (Endless Mix) fueron producidos por Wilfredo A. Sandoval y Fabian Mil�n en HD-Tech
Disco Lipstick (Remix) fue producido por Toto Aparicio
Redención (Chu�o Mix) fue producido por Gonzalo Aranda

Discography :

“Dia tras día” (1990)

“Verdades inéditas” (1991 – gold record)

“2387” (1994 – gold record)

“Coda 3 Acústico” (1995)

“Ciclos” (1999 – gold record)

“Octavia Acústico” (2001 – gold record)

“4” (2002 – gold record)

“Talisman” (2005)

“Masterplan” (2007)

Panama - Equinox - 1998 - Equinox - Ruins Of Old Panama

Alan Pinzón / banjo, stick & vocals 
Jorge Pérez / keyboards & vocals 
Alcibiades "Chivale" Villarreal / guitar & chorus 
Cesar Rodríguez / drums & vocals

Panamanian progressive/rock band Equinox was formed in 1997, led by bassist Alan Pinzón and keyboardist Jorge Pérez, soon after founding its own label, called Medallón Cósmico Records, issuing a self-titled album and making the band's live debut at Panama City's Balboa Theater. In March of 1998 Equinox successfully participated in a Baja California traditional progressive rock festival, in addition having the opportunity to play in Chapel Hill, NC, during the Prog Day in September of 1999. In the year 2000 the group released Spirits of Freedom, followed by a South and Central American tour. ~ Drago Bonacich, All Music Guide

Kolombiya - Jaen Kief - 2006 - Las Hadas No Vuelan Mas - I. Vagas Nubes – Prologo

Kolombiya - Jaen Kief - 2006 - Las Hadas No Vuelan Mas - I. Vagas Nubes – Obertura


Although the first step is usually to make up a band and then compose the themes, our case was distinct: Jaén Kief was initially (1999) the gathering of some musicians to play Las hadas no vuelan más (literally, "Fairies do not fly anymore"), a piece of work lasting an hour and a half, composed almost entirely between 1990 and 1998. The instrumentation and scenic idea were clear. Two previous assembly attempts had already failed. We did not have a name yet. There were no other projects. We rehearsed at a very good pace for a year, without any hurry of making concerts in order to have a good deal of the work covered.

We wanted a name that referred exclusively to the band. A really own name that did not give the idea of anything else (indeed, when entering the words Jaén Kief in any web search engine one only finds information about the band). We also wanted it to be sonorous. Musical if one wishes.

After eight months of rehearsing, we found the two words in a Pequeño Larousse (dictionary) of edition from middle 20th century.

Jaén ("ha"-"en"): A variety of grape that grows in Spain.

Kief ("ki"-"ef"): Absolute rest in Middle East.

We discovered later that Middle Eastern also call Kief (absolute happiness) the effect produced by hashish. The name evokes East and West, diversity, the own eclecticism of the music made by the band.


Peru - Supay - 2004 - Confusión - Chicago chico


Peru - Supay - 2007 - El Viaje – Alma

Amazing band from Peru …. A must for real music explorers ….

No need to describe …check this youtube video …


From Progarchives ;

Like many other progressive bands from South America (old or current), SUPAY, an instrumental act from Peru, aimed from the very beginning at the forge of an artistically driven rock input enriched by the incorporation of abundant colours and nuances from Andean folk, in order to state and reaffirm a particular identity within the confines of symphonic prog. Guitarist Luis Proaño founded SUPAY in late 2000, together with drummer Neto Pérez and bassist Juan Roldán - former partners in previous bands - as a power trio. The band took their name from the Inca equivalent to Hades, the Greek God of the Underworld [later on, to the Devil in the Christian religion, as well]. Soon after the band’s debut on stage, woodwind player Williams León entered the ranks in order to help SUPAY to properly enhance their Andean facet with a supply of traditional woodwinds. It wasn’t until July 2003 that the band could take their repertoire to a recording studio; at the time, the band had been augmented as a sextet with the entry of keyboardist Gustavo Valverde and a second woodwind player, Alex Valenzuela, while newcomer Renzo Danuser was in charge of the bassist’s role.
Eventually, their debut album "Confusión" was released the following year, an album full of magic and captivating beauty. While not really becoming a commercial success, it caught the attention of some music critics, as well as a small cult following in the 'underground’ rock scene of Lima.
In 2006, Chilean label Mylodon records re-released “Confusión” with a remastered sound production. This gave Supay the opportunity to be known by prog fans worldwide, given the association of Mylodon with Musea. During that same year, under an irregular schedule and facing inconsistencies in its line-up, Supay managed to record new material. This material (now as a quintet after the departure of one windwood player) was partially released in the EP “El Viaje” in March 2007, and two months later, released completely in the namesake long-duration CD. This first edition, as it had happened for the band’s debut album, is an independent local edition.
A long-duration CD equally titled “El Viaje” was released two months later. Both the EP and this sophomore album had been recorded in intermittent sessions all through 2006 and early 2007. Only one woodwind player remained from the line-up that had recorded “Confusión”; the original keyboardist left after the ultimate session; there were two people alternating the bassist’s role, since Danuser was by then about to move to Switzerland to pursue personal life’s projects. Despite the inconsistency of the recording line-up, the album turned out to be musically powerful and compositionally inspired.
Particularly recommended to fans of JETHRO TULL, LOS JAIVAS, CAMEL, as well as lovers of 73-75 PINK FLOYD and 76-78 GENESIS. Generally speaking, SUPAY’s music feels quite suitable for lovers of art-rock with strong folk and fusion tendencies.
Why this artist must be listed in www.progarchives.com :
Their record "Confusion" is a beautiful work full of inventiveness in its mixture of symphonic prog and Andean folk colours.


Confusion (2004)

Luis Proaño / guitar, quena
Williams León / quena, zampoña and other Andean woodwinds
Alex Valenzuela / quena, zampoña and other Andean woodwinds
Renzo Danuser / bass
Gustavo Valverde / keyboards
Neto Pérez / drums

El Viaje (2007)

Luis Proaño / guitar, quena
Williams León / quena, zampoña, quenacho, other Andean woodwinds, percussion
Gustavo Valverde / keyboards
Neto Pérez / drums
Renzo Danuser / bass
Felipe Asmat / bass

Venezuela - Zapato 3 - 1993 - Separación - Oceano de Tristeza


Voz: Carlos Segura

Guitarra: Alvaro Segura Bajo:

Fernando Batoni Teclados:

Jaime Verdaguer

Batería: Cesar Dominguéz

Guatemala - Razones De Cambio - 2000 - Yo...El Silencioso Dilema Del Espejo - Las Palabras



Juan Aguirre (voz, segunda guitarra eléctrica y acústica)

Manuel Vendrell (teclados y voz)

David Molina (bateria, percusión y voz)

Oscar Aguirre (guitarra eléctrica lider, guitarra acustica y voz) Sergio Sombrilla (Percusiones)

Jorge Chaluleu (bajo, guitarra acústica)

Paraguay - Flou - 2003 - Ataraxia - Amarrarme A Tu Ser



Walter Cabrera - (vocals guitar)

Bruno Ferreiro - (guitar)

Federico Wagener - (bass)

Guillermo Gayo - (drums)


Ariel Insfrán - (guitar 2000/2002)

Ariel Sandoval - (drums 2000/2006)