9 Nisan 2009

Vlatko Stefanovski Special


A thunder from Skopje , Macedonia !!


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Mr Stefanovski is my favorite guitarist. When I first listen his 1998 solo album “ Vlatko Stefanovski Trio ” I get amazed from his melodic and fluid solos and great power trio sound. And powerful Balkan tunes surely !! also his early legendary band Leb i Sol. What was a great band !!!

My roots are also belongs to Gevgelija Macedonia. My mother’s roots, My grandmother and grandfather came from Gevgelija, Mayadağ in second Balkan war. Because of that. I always love Balkan people. Magnetism like that !!

In Terra Incognita’s first programme I played his Igra bez granici from same album. since then, I am sending my playlists weekly to Mr Stefanovski. So We were in contact via e-mail.

One and half month ago he informed me, “I’m coming to Istanbul with Kudsi Erguner Ensemble” It was great chance to meet with him.  So We met with him also another nice guy and brilliant musician Martin Gjakonovski ( Michael Sagmeister’s upright bass player )

We talked about music, daily things, politics , life …Me and Vlatko drank beers Michael preferred coke :))


With Vlatko Stefanovski 03.03.09

And Concert !!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Conductor Kudsi Erguner and very unique combination of east and west styles ……… Vlatko described that simple and best …. Bridge they constructed a strong bridge with their instruments and musical notes…

Line up was incredible combination !!!!

Kudsi Erguner : Ney

Vlatko Stefanovski : Electric Guitar

Derya Türkan : Kemençe

Hakan Güngör : Kanun

Martin Gjakonovski : Upright bass

Mark Nauseef : Drums

Bruno Caillat : Percussions

Yunus Balcıoğlu : Vocal

Halil Necipoğlu : Vocal

Anyway, Let’s return to my dedicated programme to Vlatko Stefanovski. I tried to chronological playlist from Leb I Sol Era to his last album “ A Thunder from the sky “ with hammond wizard Damir Imeri and Focus fame Jan Akkerman ….

Here is the playlist;

01 Leb i Sol - 1978 - Leb i Sol - Damar
02 Leb i Sol - 1978 - Leb i Sol II - Aber Donke
03 Leb i Sol - 1979 - Rucni Rad - Hogar
04 Leb i Sol - 1980 - Beskonacno - Skakavac
05 Leb i Sol - 1982 - Akusticna Trauma - Kokoska
06 Leb i Sol - 1989 - Kao Kakao - Mamurni ljudi

07 Vlatko Stefanovski - 1998 - Vlatko Stefanovski Trio - Kalajdzisko oro

08 Vlatko Stefanovski - 1999 - Journey to the sun - Main theme

09 Balkan Horses Band - 2003 - Contact (Part One) - Gypsy Song

10 Leb i Sol - 2006 - Live In Macedonia - Raspukala Sar Planina

11 Vlatko Stefanovski Trio feat. Jan Akkerman & Damir Imeri - 2008 - Thunder From the Blue Sky – Country


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