8 Nisan 2009

08.03.09 Playlist Terra Incognita 106



01 - Endonezya - Gugun And The Bluesbug - 2007 - Turn It On - Enam Tiga Puluh


F@%kin’ great blues rock from Indonesia !! Gugun’s style like oil in the pan !! hot ! ,dancin’ , and tasty !! ( What a define !!  ) and also very tight rhythm section …

His tone is very good !!

This band is a very good reason for going to Indonesia !!


Indonesian band mates:


Hamid Alatas(Keyboard)

The U.K connection band mates:

Jon Armstrong(Bass),

Tom Townsend(Drums),

Al Laurence(Harp)

Turn it on session album recorded with:



Danny Gambiro(keyboard)


02 - Japonya - Pryme Tyme - 2002 - Pryme Tyme - Power Of Stones


Kazuo Shimizu - guitars
Tetsuya Ochiai - electric violin
Eiichi Ishikawa - drums
Tishiaki Otsubo - keyboards
Toshimi Nagai - bass

03 - Çekoslovakya - Collegium Musicum - 1976 - Na II. programe sna - Na druhom programe sna


Legendary Slovak Art-Rock band from seventies. Many people consider them with ELP ( easy to describe huh ? :))  ) But surely different music style they has. Marian Varga was their leader. Great keyboard player.  Check his website …

In this song another musicians you can here on guitar … Radim Hladik from Modry Efekt !! and Vocal and guitar Pavel Hammel from Prudy ....



Pavol Hammel - acoustic guitar, vocal
Marián Varga - organ, piano, synthesizer
Radim Hladík - guitars
Ivan Belák - bass guitar
Dušan Hájek - drums
Pavol Kozma - drums
Peter Szapu - drums
Fedor Letňan - Fender piano, vocal
Tomáš Rédey - electric guitar
Juraj Lehotský - trumpet
Revival Jazz Band
String quartet of J. Bilik
Chorus Vivat

04 - Yeni Zellanda - Dragon - 1975 - Scented Gardens For The Blind  - Scented gardens for the blind


Original Line-Up:
    Todd Hunter (Bass / Vocals)
    Graeme Collins (Piano / Vocals)
    Neil Reynolds (Drums)
    Ray Goodwin (Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals)




05 - Beyaz Rusya - 7th Ocean - The Mysterious Race Of Strange Entities - The Visit


Alexander Eletsky – vocals; guitars; keyboards; programming

Sergey Starosotsky – vocals; bass; percussion

Alexander Sofiks – drums; keyboards


06 - Macaristan - Janos Varga Project - 2003 - Wings of Revelation  II – Freedom



70’s progressive rock band East’s leader Janos Varga’s project with East drummer István Király.

This is second part of his project.

look his lookalike :) Hungarian Billy Gibbons “ZZ TOP” !! :)

István Király - drums
Janos Varga - guitar, keyboards, bass
Peter Hary - bass, chapman stick
Szabolcs Nagy - keyboards

07 - İsviçre - Kedama - 1976 - Live At Sunrise Studios - Honey Moon


Christian Linder / guitars, keyboards 
Richard Rothenberger / keyboards 
Peter Suter / drums, percussion

LP Black Rills-CH (1976)
This is a reissue of the 1976 album of the same title adding five previously unreleased bonus tracks recorded in studio in 1977 and 2 more bonus tracks "Perspectives" recorded in 1973.

08 - Polonya - SBB - 2009 - Iron Curtain - Blogoslawione dni


Greatest Polish Band Ever !!!!

They are continue releasing records … Josef and Apostolis with new hungarian drummer Gabor Nemeth ( Ex-Dinamit )

Józef Skrzek / Bass, piano, organ, micro moog, mini moog
Apostolis Anthymos / guitars
Gabor Nemeth / Drums, percussion

Józef Skrzek: “The pressure of the modern world is the reason for human oblivion. We are the generation that destroyed the myth of Europe’s ‘iron curtain’.  The new sound of SBB is like a mirror of the lives of the barriers’ breakers...” The title of the forthcoming album can be interpreted in many different ways. Józef Skrzek is convinced that the iron curtain still exists, not only as a border between the East and the West, the poor and the rich, but also in the media, which promote so called artists, who are actually far from the real artists who genuinely live their art.


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