25 Kasım 2008



01 - Macaristan - Hobo Blues Band - 1985 - Mondo Mit Er Egy Falat Kenye - Bucsu blues

Hungarian Live Aid project from Bob Geldof era :)) Powerful vocal Hobo's ( László Földes ) own band


02 - Norveç - Ruphus - 1975 - Let Your Light Shine - Sha Ba Wah

Cold ( hot ? ) fusion from the land of the midnight sun, Produced by Terje Rypdal.

- Gudny Aspaas / lead vocals
- Thor Bendiksen / drums
- Håkon Graf / keyboards
- Kjell Larsen / guitar
- Asle Nilsen / bass, flute

Terje Rypdal / synthesizers (2-5)


03 - Kanada - Maneige - 1978 - Libre Service - La Noce

Great "Québécois" band from the city's best years 70s.


04 - Çekoslovakya - Bardonaj - 1977 - Maugli - Dzungle

Legendary Czech band Progress 2's side project. Maugli is a conceptual album, based on Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book.


Froım their official website

Brno, the second biggest city in the Czech Republic, was the place where in 1968 Pavel Váně and Zdeněk Kluka founded together the rock group “Progress Organization.”
The first LP of Progress Organization, called “Barnodaj,” was hailed by the critics as the “Best Album of 1971.” During the seventies when the process of “normalization” was under way in Czechoslovakia, the group used to play only “occasionally,” but was able to release another very successfull album called “Barnodaj – Mauglí,” based on the book by Rudyard Kipling.  
In 1978 the group went through a reorganization and under the new name “Progress 2” put together a completely new stage program “Dialogue with the Universe” with Pavel Váně as a main singing actor. On this project that went down the Czech music history as the first Czech rock opera, the group collaborated with renowned Brno’s actors and artists. The album from this experimental project became the bestseller of the eighties. The controversial topic of this project, emigration, became a source of many problems with the ruling Communist Party.

In the following years the group restructured itself several times. The third album “The Third Jungle Book“ featured a new singing talent Roman Dragoun. Later the group released other albums, as for example the “Brain” and “Change.”
From the nineties the group has been performing in the almost original formation:
Pavel Váně – singer, guitar
Zdeněk Kluka – singer, drums/percussions
Pavel Pelc – bass
Borek Nedorost – keyboard
Frequent guests are singer Roman Dragoun and guitarist Miloš Morávek

05 - Makedonya -  Vlatko Stefanovski Trio - 2008 - Thunder From the Blue Sky - Thunder From A Blue Sky


One and only Vlatko Stefanovski's last album with his trio and Dutch guitar legend Jan Akkerman ( ex-Focus ) and Hammond player Damir Imeri.

Brilliant blues standarts and 2 new compossition from amazing macedonian guitar hero.

06 - Yugoslavya - Tihomir Asanovic - 1976 - Pop - Usamijena devojka


Hammond wizard from the Balkans ... Tihomir "Pop" Asanovic....  Hancock style funk ( Headhunters era ) with a first class backing band.

Tihomir Pop Asanović / keyboards, vocal
Pero Ugrin / trumpet
Janez Bončina / guitar, vocal
Čarli Novak / bass
Ratko Divjak / drums
Braco Doblekar / percussion

Jernej Podboj / tenor saxophone
Zdenka Kovačiček / vocal

Releases information

LP Jugoton LSY-63055 (1976 Yugoslavia)

07 - İsviçre - Pyranha - 1972 - Pyranha same - Clepsydre


Forgotten psych masterpiece from Alps.

Henry Skippy (saxophone),

Wy Wyss (guitar),

Armand Bucher (organ),

Jacques Riccio (drums),

Beb Anhas (bass),

Christian Scheder (vocals)

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