1 Kasım 2008

Ouzo Power !!

Rock .. with bouzouki , Roll with ouzo ....( Or Retsina ... )

Terrra Incognita presents Greek Rock .... !! Great bands from Ouzoland …. Retsina …. Sovlaki …..Baklava ? … and Turkish Coffee ? :)))

I salute all my good friends from “ Yunanistan

Dimitris , another Dimitris and another Dimitris , Tasa , Nicholas my nephew , Sotiris plays the jazz , Giannis & Tasula and everybody from shinny land.

Here is the playlist ...

01 - PLJ Band – 1979 - Gaspar-single - Wake up

02 - PLJ Band – 1979 - Gaspar-single – Gaspar

Armageddon ….is one of most unlucky album of the world. I played first track called intro of Armageddon. Great opening track for a thematic album… And I played also their other project and much more famous project than PLJ …. The Termites …

And now is the 3rd time for the same great musicians…Their 1st single which they released in 1979. Included 4 tracks..


01. Wake up (3:07)
02. Summer will come for me again (2:52)
03. Gaspar (3:15)
04. Transmigration (3:19)

If you are lucky , you can find this historical and rare recordings one and only ProgNotFrog

03 - Nemesis - 1977 - 1979 - Nemesis - Lost Horizon

04 - Nemesis - 1977 - 1979 - Nemesis - Opus 22

This rare unreleased recording from 1979. They once was supporter of the greatest greek ( at least for me ) band Soctares.


Vasilis Kapanikis - guitars,flute
Chris Vogiatzis - bass,voices
Panagiotis Dimitrakopoulos - Keyboards,piano,violins
Thanassis Kipenis - Drums
Alexandros Tripidakis - Organ,keyboards

05 - Iraklis - 1976 - Se Alous Cosmous - Se Alous Cosmous

06 - Iraklis - 1976 - Se Alous Cosmous - Thelo Na Taxidevo


Iraklis Triantafyllidis’s project … they released first single in 1972. These tracks from their 1976 album Se Alous Cosmous (In Other Worlds ) you can say folk rock but absolutely “progressive” in fact.

Let’s see what universal encyclopedia Wikipedia says about Iraklis …( its another big brother matter )

Iraklis were one of the few Greek rock groups of the 70s to adopt progressive influences, although they tend to be few and far between. Se Allous Kosmous was a double LP released in 1976 which portrayed a symphonic/classical rock infused with traditional influences. The instrumentation is expansive, from the choir of male and female voices to the orchestral shadings of strings and horns to the typical rock instrumentation of drums, bass and keys and on to a number of traditional instruments. Musically, Iraklis are all over the map, including grandiose symphonic rock, a piano solo, what sound like rockified traditionals (think of a cross between Kolinda and Gualberto here), operatic choirs, soft and medieval tinged folk (Anacrusa here) and just about any combination thereof. It's obvious that Aphrodite's Child's 666 was a major influence here, and while similarly lacking cohesion, it doesn't quite have the same impressive moments either. Probably the closest analog to what Iraklis were doing here would be Los Jaivas' Obras de Violeta Parra or perhaps their work with an orchestra. It's suprising how many different kinds of music can be numbered here, although it certainly can be said that Iraklis may have bitten off more than it could collectively chew.

Iraklis Triantafyllidis comes to discography for the first time in 72 with his group Iraklis+DNA and the single «Same Dreans/John» with progressive folk rock style, one of the best singles recorded that time in Greece. In 1976 with his new group Iraklis & Lernea Ydra and with the help in production from Terens Quick! the double LP «Σε άλλους κόσμους (In other worlds) is a fact. He is using the same progressive folk-rock style and this one in my opinion is one of the best progressive folk albums in Greece, maybe worldwide also.

Many musicians participated in this band:

- 1972-1995: Iraklis Triantafyllidis, core member and founder of the band (vocals, guitar, violin, banjo-mandolin, fife, harmonica and others)

- 1972-1974: Fondas Xatzis (drums), Giorgos Maglaras (violin), Petros Protopappas (flute, vocals) and Giorgos Jagger (bass) join the band. Later, the following musicians also participated: Christos Stimagiotis (flute), Lakis Papadopoulos (guitar, vocals), Tolis Dimitrakopoulos (guitar, vocals) and Nikos Pavlakos (bass).

- 1974: Giorgos Filippidis (bass), Giannis Pachoulis (guitar, vocals). In Spring, 1974, Iraklis goes to Germany where he forms a band with German musicians and plays live in gigs where other international musicians also played. He returns to Greece in October, 1974 and records “Se Allous Kosmous”, which was released by EMI as double LP in January, 1976.
- 1976: Dimitris Zafirelis (guitar, vocals), Giorgos Sieras (guitar, vocals), Vasilis Stamatiadis (drums), Nikos Doikas (bass), Giorgos Gavalas (flute, vocals), Nikos Sakelis (keyboard), Nikos Milionis (harmonica) and Marianna (vocals)

- 1977: Pier Choremis (guitar), Spiros Fatouros (drums), Nikos Giannatos (bass) and Marianna (vocals)

- 1978: Iraklis Saridakis (guitar), Michalis Nikolaidis (bass), Thanos Apostolou (drums), Tasos Kalianiotis (guitar, vocals), Stelios Zachariou (drums).

- 1979] Vasilis Lemonis

- 1980-1984: “Iraklis & Lernaia Hydra” plays live quite often in “Sofita”, a place owned by Iraklis, a place where bands and artists can perform live. Most of the rock musicians – bands of the time performed at some point in “Sofita”.

- 1980: Tasos Fotodimos (drums), Giannis Giokarinis (keyboard, vocals), Panos Patsoglou (trombone), Giannis Kikinis (saxophone, flute). They play live in many gigs in Athens and other Greek cities.

- 1981: Christos Lagos (guitar), Nikos Ziogalas (vocals). With this formation and Giannis Giokarinis and Katerina Metsini contributing to vocals, album “Pezis Me tis Michanes” (“You’re playing with machines”) is recorded.

- 1982: Panagiotis Gianoselis (drums), Giorgos Grekousis (vocals).

- 1982-83: Giannis Giokarinis (keyboard, vocals), Nikos Sidirikastritis (drums).

- 1983: Akis Perdikis (drums), Matt Daryan (saxophone), Milena Triantafyllou (keyboard).

- 1984: Vaggelis Efstathiou (drums), Makis Simitis (keyboard, vocals), Panos Streklas (saxophone). With these members, and Giannis Giokarinis, Sophia Noiti and Marianna Varvadouka in vocals, rock album “I stigmi” (“The Moment”) is recorded. “Legame”, a song which was recorded in 1981 is included in this record.

- 1985: The band plays live in Belgrade

- 1986: Stratos Alimonos (keyboard, vocals), Costas Papanikolaou (bass), Manolis Skoulas (guitar, vocals), Nikos Makrakis (drums).

- 1987: Petros Pelelis (drums)

- 1988: Charis Antoniou (drums), Tolis Voultzatis (guitar), Manolis Petalakis (keyboard), Costas Papanikolaou (bass), Michalis Nikolaidis (bass), Vangelis Efstathiou (drums), Stratos Alimonos (keyboard).

- 1995: Akis Mouchlianitis (keyboard, vocals), Dimitris Papanikou (bass, vocals), Charis Antoniou (drums), Giorgos Rallis (drums), Alexandros Triantafyllidis (guitar, vocals), Irini Triantafyllidi (vocals)


07 - Vavoura Blues Band - 1979 – Live ! The Early Days – Alkatraz

08 - Vavoura Blues Band – 1979 – Live ! The Early Days - 17

Their name is Vavoura Band in these days. Johnny Vavoura’s band from 70s .. Still Alive !! Still Kickin’ !!

They have semi-professional recordings from this years ..Live ! Early days .. I think from Kyttaro Club performances .. They have also support band experiences for Socrates ( what a band !! ) …

They were ( still are ) wild and raw …full of energy .. They remind me of George Thorogood & the Destroyers as their energy and raw arrangements.

Loukas Sideras ( drummer of Aphrodites’ Child ) “ he is my one fave Greek musician ( he has real groove ) and Vavoura guitarist Yiannis Drolapas formed a band called Diesel

Johnny has another project ..rockabilly band Johnyy Vavouras & The Cadillacs ,

here is the last personnel of Vavoura Band …

Johnny Vavouras-bass and vocalsplus numerous traditional instruments.

Yiannis Drolapas-electric guitar plus most exotic musical instruments.

Thomas Andreou-drums and percussion


09 - Will O The Wisp - 2004 - Ceremony Of Innocence - Haze secrets

10 – Will O The Wisp - 2007 - A Gift For Your Dreams - Flying with witches

Will O The Wisp is very very good modern progressive rock band from Atina ( yes Atina ! not Athens !! ) Their first album came from 1999. Debut album was really good start. They have 4 albums to taste …I insist you to try … please comment here …

reminds me Porcupine tree …just reminds me… ( just for your imagination for their style ) its really unique band ..you had to listen them …

Will-o-the Wisp
Second Sight
Ceremony Of Innocence
A Gift For Your Dreams

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