12 Aralık 2008

Tribute to Great Pekka Pohjola ( R.I.P. ) 1952 - 2008


Pekka Pohjola just passed away last month ( 27.11.2008 )

I present an homage to Pekka Pohjola ...Maybe ( at least to my music taste ) He was the greatest bass player in the world. Also great composer in various music genres. 

Terra Incognita proudly presents the great musician's some recordings such as solo and as a member of Wigwam and The Group


Thanks for great detailed info Wigwam's unofficial website   

Wigwam Nuclear Netclub

And nearly ultimate progressive rock source on the net ;


01 - Wigwam - 1970 - Tombstone Valentine - Let the World Ramble on


Jukka Gustavson, vocals, organ, piano
Jim Pembroke, vocals
Pekka Pohjola, bass, violin
Ronnie Österberg, drums

Additional musicians: Heikki Laurila, guitar, banjo - Jukka Tolonen, guitar - Kalevi Nyqvist, accordion - Erkki Kurenniemi, Andromatic
Produced by Kim Fowley
Engineered by Erkki Hyvönen
Recorded at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki 1970
Front cover by Jukka Vatanen

24-bit digitally remastered edition:
Remastering by Pauli Saastamoinen / Finnvox Studios, Helsinki, January 2003
Photos by Jukka Vatanen, Urpo Hartikainen, Mårten Huldén, Peter Widén
Layout by Japa Mattila

02 - Wigwam - 1971 - Fairyport - Losing Hold


Ronnie Österberg, drums, congas, percussion, backing vocals 3
Jukka Gustavson, vocals, piano, organ, electric piano
Jim Pembroke, vocals, harmonica, piano 2, 12, electric piano 14
Pekka Pohjola, bass, violins, acoustic guitar 10, piano 8, 9, celeste and harpsichord 9, backing vocals 3

Additional musicians: Jukka Tolonen, guitar 2, 7, 13 - Ilmari Varila, oboe - Tapio Louhensalo, bassoon - Hannu Saxelin, Risto Pensola, clarinet - Unto Haapa-aho, bass clarinet - Eero Koivistoinen, Pekka Pöyry, soprano saxophone
Produced and arranged by Wigwam
Tracks 3-6 translation by Mats Huldén
Engineered by Thomas Larsson & Roger Wallis (Music Network) and Erkki Hyvönen (Finnvox)
Recorded at Music Network (SWE) and Finnvox (FIN) Studios
Rave-Up For The Roadies recorded live at Hämis Club, Helsinki, 6th June 1971, by Seppo Kytöniemi and Reino Iso-aho
Cover art design & directions by Jukka Gustavson
Cover art work by Jorma Auersalo
Photos by Peter Widén

24-bit digitally remastered edition:
Remastering by Pauli Saastamoinen / Finnvox Studios, Helsinki, January 2003
Layout by Japa Mattila

03 - Pekka Pohjola - 1973 - Pihkasilmä Kaarnakorva - Virtojen kiharat


Pekka Pohjola / bass, violins, piano, final organ
Jukka Gustavson / organ, piano
Reino Laine / drums
Risto Pensola / clarinet
Pekka Pöyry / soprano sax, flute

04 - Wigwam - 1974 - Being - Platenist

05 - Wigwam - 1974 - Being - Maestro Mercy


Pekka Pohjola, bass, violin, piano, mini-moog, sheet music
Jukka Gustavson, vocals, pianos, organs, mini-moog, VCS 3 synthesizers
Ronnie Österberg, drums, percussion, backing vocals
Jim Pembroke, vocals, sermon, piano

Additional musicians: Pekka Pöyry, soprano saxophone, flute - Pentti Lasanen, clarinet, flute - Paavo Honkanen, clarinet - Ilmari Varila, Aale Lindgren, oboes - Juhani Tapaninen, bassoon - Unto Haapa-aho, bass clarinet - Juhani Aaltonen, solo flute - Seppo Paakkunainen, Erik Dannholm, Pentti Lahti, Kai Veisterä, flutes - Taisto Wesslin, acoustic guitar - Erkki Kurenniemi, Jukka Ruohomäki, VCS 3 assistance
Produced by Måns Groundstroem & Wigwam
Engineered by Erkki Hyvönen, Måns Groundstroem, Harri Bergman & Paul Jyrälä
Recorded at Finnvox and Finnlevy studios, Helsinki (FIN), February through November 1973
Cover art design & directions by Jukka Gustavson
Cover art work by Jorma Auersalo

06 - Pekka Pohjola - 1974 - Harakka Bialoipokku - Sekoilu seestyy


Pekka Pohjola / bass, piano
Coste Apetrea / guitar
Eero Koivistoinen / soprano, tenor & sopranino saxes
Bertil Löfgren / trumpet
Paroni Paakkunainen / Alto & baritone saxes, piccolo
Tomi Parkkonen / drums, percussion
Pekka Pöyry / alto & soprano saxes

07 - Pekka Pohjola - 1977 - Keesojen lehto - Matemaatikon lentonäytös


Pekka Pohjola, bass, piano, harpsichord, string synthesizer, keyboard
Mike Oldfield, guitar, percussion, mandolin, whistle (2-5)
Sally Oldfield, vocals (2, 5)
Vesa Aaltonen, drums (1, 4/2)
Wlodek Gulgowski, synthesizer, piano (1, 4/2)
Pierre Moerlen, drums, percussion, bells (3, 4)
George Wadenius, guitar, percussion (1, 4/2)

Production by Mike Oldfield & Pekka Pohjola
Recording and mix by Paul Lindsay & Mike Oldfield at Througham Slad, Gloucestershire, 22.11.-5.12.1976, except 1. and 4. part 2 basic tracks by Christer Berg at Marcus Music, Stockholm (SWE)
24-bit digital remastering by Pauli Saastamoinen, Finnvox Studios, Helsinki, January 2002

Cover drawing by Risto Kurkinen
Liner notes in the 2002 CD edition by Robert Silverstein

This recordings was released under many different title ( both album and artist !! ) depending to different countries.

Such as ;

In Finland: Love Records LRLP 219 (1977)
In Sweden Skuggornas Tjuvstart: Love Records LRLP 219 (1977)
In the UK The Mathematician's Air Display: Virgin V 2084 (1977); OVED 201 (reissue)
In the USA Mike Oldfield, Sally Oldfield, Pekka Pohjola: USLP-1-1101
In Italy Mike Oldfield, Sally Oldfield, Pekka Pohjola: Bubble Blulp 1815
In Japan ('On Demand Production by Subscription'): Victor VIP-4055 (1979)
In Germany Mike & Sally Oldfield - Pekka Pohjola: Happy Bird B 90096 (1981)
In Germany Sally & Mike Oldfield - Pekka Pohjola: Bellaphon BID 11002 (1981)
In the Netherlands Mike Oldfield: The Consequences Of Indecisions: Happy Bird 90133 (1981)
In the UK Mathematician's Air Display: Virgin OVEDC 201
In Germany Mike & Sally Oldfield - Pekka Pohjola: Happy Bird MB 990096
In Finland: Love/Siboney LRCD 219 (1994)
In Japan: LRCD 219/MAR 95110 (199?) (same as above with a second booklet and belt)
24-bit digitally remastered edition: Love/Siboney LRCD 219 (2002)

08 - The Group - 1978 - The Group - Gado-Gado


Pekka Pohjola - Bass
Vesa Aaltonen - Drums ( Ex-Tasavallan Presidenti , Ex-Made In Sweden )
Olli Ahvenlahti - Keyboards                                                     
Seppo Tyni - Guitar

09 - Pekka Pohjola - 1979 - Visitation - Image Of A Passing Smile


Pekka Pohjola, bass, piano, grand piano
Vesa Aaltonen, drums, percussion
Eero Koivistoinen, sax (1, 3, 5)
Junnu Aaltonen, sax (1, 3, 5)
Pekka Pöyry, sax (1-5)
Teemu Salminen, sax (1, 3, 5)
Olli Ahvenlahti, electric piano, bass (2, 6)
Seppo Tyni, guitar (2-6)
Esko Rosnell, percussion (2-4)
Tom Bildo, tuba, trombones (3, 6)
The Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, woodwinds, cellos, strings      
Concert Master: Jorma Ylönen, Conducter: Esko Linnavalli (6)
Markku Johansson, trumpet (4, 6)
Aale Lindgren, oboe (5)

Produced by Pekka Pohjola & Tom Vuori
Recorded at Finnlevy Studio, Jan-Feb 1979
Engineered by Tom Vuori
Cover by Risto Kurkinen

10 - Pekka Pohjola - 1980 - Kätkävaaran lohikäärme - Tehdasmusiikkia


Pekka Pohjola, bass
Ippe Kätkä, drums
Pekka Tyni, keyboards
Seppo Tyni, guitars

Recorded at Takomo Studios by Tom Vuori
Cover by Raz

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