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01 - Japonya - Apryl Fool - 1969 - Apryl Fool - Tomorrow's Child
02 - Kanada - Av'nir - 1977 - Declic - Mirage + Quand Tu Sors...
03 - Polonya - Klan - 1971 - Mrowisko - Nerwy Miast
04 - Doğu Almanya - Puhdys - 1973 - Puhdys - Turen offnen sich zur Stadt
05 - Macaristan - Dinamit - 1980 - Mindörökke - Külvárosban születtem
06 - Yugoslavya - Gordi - 1979 - Gordi - Gitareska
07 - Hollanda - Solution - 1972 - Divergence - Divergence
08 - Yunanistan - Kostas Tournas - 1972 - Aperanta Choraphia - Mia Kitara milise
09 - Avustralya - Snakes Alive - 1974 - Snakes Alive - Fruit pie


01 - Japonya - Apryl Fool - 1969 - Apryl Fool - Tomorrow's Child


Hiroyoshi Yanagida - Keyboards
Eiji Kikuchi - Guitar
Chu Kosaka - Vocal
Roi Matsumoto - Drums
Haraomi Hosono - Bass 

Early Nippon psych band. They released just one album in 1969. After the album Hosono and Matsumoto formed Happy End. Hosono
continued his solo career and became more famous with Ryuichi Sakamoto in electro avant-garde band Yellow Magic Orchestra.

02 - Kanada - Av'nir - 1977 - Declic - Mirage + Quand Tu Sors...


Quebec again.... This is their second and last album. Their albums produced by famous singer-songwriter Gilles Valiquette.

Declic is has more progressive leanings instead of their song oriented debut.

Jacques Rochon (guitar, vocals),
Yves Lauzon (guitar),
Richard Boisvert (bass, keyboards),
Daniel L'Écuyer (drums)

1975 Av'nir
1976 Declic


03 - Polonya - Klan - 1971 - Mrowisko - Nerwy Miast


Marek Ałaszewski (guitar, vocals, 1969-?),
Roman Pawelski (bass, 1969-71),
Maciej Głuszkiewicz (piano, keyboards, 1969-71),
Andrzej Poniatowski (drums, 1969-71),
Wojciech Morawski (drums, 1971),
Krzysztof Dłutowski (piano, keyboards, 1971),

1970 - Klan
1970 - Mrowisko
1992 - Po Co Mi Tan Raj ( completely different line up )

Marek Allaszewski's jazz-rock 4tet They released a debut EP in 1970. After a year they composed a ballet with lyricist Marian Skolarski named Mrowisko. After many years .... In 1992 Allaszewski returned with a totally different line-up result was a new album ... Po Co Mi Ten Raj

04 - Doğu Almanya - Puhdys - 1973 - Puhdys  - 05-Turen offnen sich zur Stadt


Another Eastalgia band ...still active ...Actually they were a pop-rock band ...But this song from their first days ... When you hear the song you will remember Uriah Heep's Gypsy ...same distorted hammond sound and Byron's vocals ...Thier roots from Udo-Wendel Combo in Oranienburg in 1965

Türen öffnen sich zur Stadt" (Doors Open To The City),

Dieter "Maschine" Birr (guitar, vocals),
Peter "Eingehängt" Meyer (keyboards, flute, sax, vocals),
Dieter "Quaster" Hertrampf (guitar, vocals),
Günther Wosylus (drums, 1969-79)
Harry Jeske (bass, 1969-98),

05 - Macaristan - Dinamit - 1980 - Mindörökke - Külvárosban születtem


I like that kind of hard n heavy sound..Very good arranging and good ensemble feelings ...guitar and keyboards from Skorpio ...

Gyula Vikidál (vocals),
Alajos Németh (bass),
Antal Gábor Szűcs (guitars),
Gyula Papp (keyboards),
Gábor Németh (drums)
László Lugosy (1981-)


06 - Yugoslavya - Gordi - 1979 - Gordi 2 - Gitareska


A ballad from Gordi ... fits to its name ..

Gordi was a hard rock band from Belgrade ... Manojlović brothers outfit ...

Formed 1977,    Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro
Disbanded 1984 


Zlatko Manojlović (vocals, guitar),
Goran Manojlović (keyboards, 1977-80),
Dragan Janković (bass, 1977-78),
Zdenko Pomper (bass, 1979-80),
Stevan Milutinović (drums, 1977-80),


1978 Čovek 
1979 Gordi 2 
1981 Gordi 3 
1981 Pakleni Trio 
1982 Kraljica smrti


07 - Hollanda - Solution - 1972 - Divergence - Divergence


Tom Barlage: flute, alto & soprano sax
Willem Ennes: piano, electric piano, organ
Peter v. d. Sande: bass, vocals
Hans Waterman: drums
Steve Boston: congas and cowbell on "Phases"

Produced by John Schuursma and Joop Visser
Engineers: Pierre Geoffroy Chateau and André Hooning
Recorded May 17, 18 and 19 1971 at Bovema's Studio - Heemstede
Photos: Janos Barendsen

Discography ;

Solution (1971)
Divergence (1972)
Cordon Bleu (1975)
Fully Interlocking (1977)
...It's Only Just Begun... (1980)
Runaway (1982)
Solution Live (1983)
Reunionconcert Solution (DVD, 2006)


From wikipedia ....

This album is among the most progressive by the group. It consists of three instrumental pieces ("Fever", "Theme" and the title track) next to three tracks with vocals, sung by Guus Willemse, who had joined the band in 1971.

Beginning as a piano-led song, "Second Line" "diverges" into a lengthy instrumental section which reprises a theme first heard in "Preview", from the album Solution the previous year. Similarly, "Theme" is based on a motif from the introduction to "Concentration".

Part of the track "Divergence" was used by Focus in their 1973 epic "Eruption", found on their 1971 album Moving Waves. The section was titled "Tommy" after Solution saxophonist Tom Barlage.[1] Consequently, the original song is perhaps the most well-known Solution track, owing to the success Focus enjoyed in the early seventies (Moving Waves is also home to the hit single "Hocus Pocus").

Divergence was reissued in 1976 as a double set with the first album, simply titled Solution. The shortest song, "Fever", was left off the subsequent reissue on Compact Disc in 1988, but was included on The Ultimate Collection in 2006.

08 - Yunanistan - Kostas Tournas - Aperanta Choraphia - Mia Kitara milise


Aperanta Choraphia ( Sonsuz bostanlar, çayırlar )

I played his legendary ΑΝΘΡΩΠΕ ΑΓΑΠΑ Anthrope Agapa ( human love ? I understand but can't express in english .... ) from his band Poll in Terra Incognita 10th february 2007 playlist

1949 Tripoli Peloponez dogumlu. 10 yasinda ailesi ile Atinaya taşınırlar 13 yasinda bir orkestra kurar Latin Amerika sarkilari söylerler ... 1961-1965 gitar dersleri alir.  Cunta zamaninda cesitli kuluplerde sarki soyler... Askere gitmeden evvel  herseyini satar gitarlarini ve elektronik aletlerini, Yalniz eski harap tahta bir gitarı saklar şarkı yazabilmek için

Askerde sarki yazmaga baslar....=ILIE MU=Gunesim= sarkisini arkadasi Robert Williams ile yazar..

1971 de POLL grubuyla provalar baslar.... ve bu grupla büyük  sohret kazanirlar....

In 2008 he met with me via facebook :))) Thanks Kostas ...Especially for your great songs ...

09 - Avustralya - Snakes Alive - 1974 - Snakes Alive - Fruit pie



Expensive record from 70s ..I read this kind of thing from Prognotfrog Keyboard player Al Ditrich wrote on this to the site


hi all names al ditrich im one of the co founders of this band(keyboards) other members are michael vidale-bass-boris peric-guitar-jonas thomas-saxes flutes vocals-colin campbell-trumpet this was at the time the most expensive studio album in oz took 6months to produce and a year to finalise all members went on to bigger and greater things our producer ralph cooper went on to drum for air supply for example the band after this was called stepps another lost album which i was part of i am in awe that this turn up on the net any more info email olegditrich@net2go.com.au or broadjam .com/alditrich thank you all im very grateful


Al Ditrich : Keyboards
Michael Vidal : Bass
Boris Peric : Guitar
Jonas Thomas : sax, flute, vocal
Colin Campbell : trompet
Ralph Cooper : Drums (+ production)

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